Have we met before?

I’m not sure we’ve met before, if not, please allow me to introduce myself.

When I was 14  I cold-called 50 small businesses trying to sell fax paper (it was the 80’s after all).  I got a sale on the 17th call and did a little victory dance, then proceeded to call the rest of the list hoping for another sale. I only made one sale that day, for a total of £57, but I learned that to be successful you have to be persistent, embrace the no’s and celebrate the yes’s.

This experience led me to build a career connecting with people, delivering results, and having lots of fun along the way.

But life isn’t defined by work, is it?  So after a family bereavement, I decided it was time to return to my Suffolk roots and pass on the corporate baton. A fond farewell was said to my team & the successful career I’d built at Adobe (the best creative tech brand in the world) and here I am.

Madness? Not at all, I’ve finally made space to grieve, got my mojo back & have figured out that I want to make a difference in this world by helping you take your business to the next level, whilst living life on my terms.

Setting up this business has been challenging, to say the least.  But like that 14-year-old girl who just picked up the phone and spoke to people, I’m taking the risk and just doing it, despite the fear.

So if you want to work with someone who’s often too honest & direct for her own good, loves a challenge, and gives pragmatic advice please give me a call. Or if you’ve got a phone phobia, email me ninja@lizwilkins.com