Is your digital fingerprint unique?

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Brands are like fingerprints. They should be unique. Irrespective of whether you’re a personal brand or a business brand.

Why? Because research shows that a consumer will need at least 7 marketing “touches” before making a buying decision. If you’re selling to a fellow business research shows that:

  • 57% of the B2B purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier!

What does that mean to you as a business owner?

People are checking you online and making a decision about you before you even speak to them. Yup, you’re officially being stalked.

Embrace that knowledge, get comfortable with it, then ensure that your digital fingerprint is consistent, on brand, on message, and speaks to the customer problems. Wherever they find you online!

If your ideal client were to stalk you online would they:
– Recognise you immediately?
– Connect to who you are on an emotional level?
– Understand how you could help them?
– Want to work with you?

If not, I would argue that either:
a) They don’t know you exist – you’re simply not being visible enough – remember the power of those 7 “touches”.
b) They don’t like you – yup, some folks will simply not like you, on a deep emotional level and that’s OK, that’s their stuff.
c) They don’t know how your brand can help them – usually because you haven’t explained it well enough.

Your brand is unique, just like your fingerprint.

So be brave, stand out, and put your fingerprint on everything that you do.

Be quintessentially you.

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” Warren Buffet

Have you ever thought of downloading a bootleg version of a product, or begrudged having to pay for a product?  Well, not me.  My dad always taught me that you get what you pay for in life.

After marketing software, for most of my adult life, I do understand that some folks choose bootleg or cracked software.  But as a business owner how would you like it if someone walked into your business, stole your core product and then complained loudly that it wasn’t very good! Pretty miffed I’m sure!

So that’s why I’ve spent my time & money investing in this business. I’ve subscribed to Office 365 & Skype for Business and I don’t begrudge the pennies spent at all. And here’s why.

I consider myself a bit of a tech whizz when it comes to learning software. But tonight I couldn’t get Skype set up properly and I was slowly going mad,  shouting at the computer rather loudly (that doesn’t work by the way).

In exasperation, I finally gave up and logged a tech support call (something I’m loathed to do when it comes to software) at 9:50 pm tonight.  Less than 10 minutes later a lovely chap from Microsoft called me (yes, called me) and helped me fix the problem. On a Sunday – I kid you not! Talk about value…those pennies are negligible right now.

So my business is both compliant and legal, plus I can now chat to my heart’s content on my dedicated ninja phone.

If you’d like to help me test it, the number is 01284 636 296.

PS I’m pleased to report that my software tech skills were not in question, I simply hadn’t subscribed to all of the relevant Skype options.  Phew, my reputation remains intact! 

Hello world!

So this blogging malarkey, where to start.  In a previous life I blogged every week about Education & creativity. I’m still passionate about ensuring that our children develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity & communication skills.  Children have always been content creators & I don’t want to see them evolve only into content consumers just because of the fast adoption of technology.

Sir Ken Robinson has a brilliant video on our Education systems, and as an advocate of creativity, he challenges how our school systems are set up. In case you haven’t seen it, enjoy it here.

I believe every child, irrespective of their postcode, family income or first-language has a right to a first-class education which gives them the opportunity to thrive and become socially mobile.

Our local primary & secondary schools should be of a good/outstanding standard that parents don’t need to pay privately to give their child the best education possible.  As a governor at my son’s primary school, and working with teachers in the UK for the last 10 years through work, I know well the challenges head teachers & staff face.

Thankfully my son wasn’t taught like a parrot to pass his SATs at our local primary school. But he’s of the generation of children that has grown up with iPads, smartboards, and social media and doesn’t understand why his handwriting needs to be neat (he can almost touch type). Me, I’m a digital immigrant and have been learning the tech as I & it has grown up. I still, despite my tech background, love a bit of paper and some coloured crayons…if only I could get my son off his PS4 to join me!

OK rant over – how about next time I talk about marketing!