Is your digital fingerprint unique?

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Brands are like fingerprints. They should be unique. Irrespective of whether you’re a personal brand or a business brand.

Why? Because research shows that a consumer will need at least 7 marketing “touches” before making a buying decision. If you’re selling to a fellow business research shows that:

  • 57% of the B2B purchase decision is complete before a customer even calls a supplier!

What does that mean to you as a business owner?

People are checking you online and making a decision about you before you even speak to them. Yup, you’re officially being stalked.

Embrace that knowledge, get comfortable with it, then ensure that your digital fingerprint is consistent, on brand, on message, and speaks to the customer problems. Wherever they find you online!

If your ideal client were to stalk you online would they:
– Recognise you immediately?
– Connect to who you are on an emotional level?
– Understand how you could help them?
– Want to work with you?

If not, I would argue that either:
a) They don’t know you exist – you’re simply not being visible enough – remember the power of those 7 “touches”.
b) They don’t like you – yup, some folks will simply not like you, on a deep emotional level and that’s OK, that’s their stuff.
c) They don’t know how your brand can help them – usually because you haven’t explained it well enough.

Your brand is unique, just like your fingerprint.

So be brave, stand out, and put your fingerprint on everything that you do.

Be quintessentially you.

Author: Liz Wilkins

Passionate P2P marketer | Business Transformation | Mentor & Cheerleader

After a career with leading tech brands undertaking numerous business transformations, I’m now kicking off my mornings with a leisurely cuppa. I’m living a life filled with colour & embracing a life where what you wear is a positive reflection of your personal brand & your core values.

Bringing my mentoring management style to this business I am fanatical about introducing, supporting and motivating anyone who needs a challenge and the opportunity to excel to whatever level they aspire to.

The opportunity to run your own fashion business as a Stylist has never looked so good and the future is extraordinary.

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