“Price is what you pay, value is what you get” Warren Buffet

Have you ever thought of downloading a bootleg version of a product, or begrudged having to pay for a product?  Well, not me.  My dad always taught me that you get what you pay for in life.

After marketing software, for most of my adult life, I do understand that some folks choose bootleg or cracked software.  But as a business owner how would you like it if someone walked into your business, stole your core product and then complained loudly that it wasn’t very good! Pretty miffed I’m sure!

So that’s why I’ve spent my time & money investing in this business. I’ve subscribed to Office 365 & Skype for Business and I don’t begrudge the pennies spent at all. And here’s why.

I consider myself a bit of a tech whizz when it comes to learning software. But tonight I couldn’t get Skype set up properly and I was slowly going mad,  shouting at the computer rather loudly (that doesn’t work by the way).

In exasperation, I finally gave up and logged a tech support call (something I’m loathed to do when it comes to software) at 9:50 pm tonight.  Less than 10 minutes later a lovely chap from Microsoft called me (yes, called me) and helped me fix the problem. On a Sunday – I kid you not! Talk about value…those pennies are negligible right now.

So my business is both compliant and legal, plus I can now chat to my heart’s content on my dedicated ninja phone.

If you’d like to help me test it, the number is 01284 636 296.

PS I’m pleased to report that my software tech skills were not in question, I simply hadn’t subscribed to all of the relevant Skype options.  Phew, my reputation remains intact! 

Author: Liz Wilkins

Passionate P2P marketer | Business Transformation | Mentor & Cheerleader

After a career with leading tech brands undertaking numerous business transformations, I’m now kicking off my mornings with a leisurely cuppa. I’m living a life filled with colour & embracing a life where what you wear is a positive reflection of your personal brand & your core values.

Bringing my mentoring management style to this business I am fanatical about introducing, supporting and motivating anyone who needs a challenge and the opportunity to excel to whatever level they aspire to.

The opportunity to run your own fashion business as a Stylist has never looked so good and the future is extraordinary.

If that’s you or you know someone for whom the “jewels” might fit for more info visit www.stelladot.co.uk/lizwilkins or email me eawilkins@icloud.com

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