Hello! Thanks for stopping by…

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room shall we? 

2020 isn’t turning out as planned.

It certainly isn’t for me. 

On an unremarkable Wednesday morning in February 2020 I was diagnosed with breast cancer – the bloomin’ type that has resulted in me being a “one-tit wonder” and thanks to this blinking global health pandemic I’m having brand new “Covid and Cancer” conversations with my phenomenal NHS oncology team about “cancer patient priority levels”, “shielding” aka not living with my husband, son, dog or father-in-law during chemo,  and let’s not even talk about my “PREDICT” scores of being alive without cancer in 10 years time. 

But here’s the thing…that could be the start of a very sad tale. That’s not how I see things.

Today I’m grateful I have a choice. 

A choice as to how to respond to whatever the universe throws at me.

One day at a time.

Now I’m living life on life’s terms and am utilising all of the skills I’ve learned throughout my 6+years sobriety to find the joy in each and every day.  If you want to find out more about my sobriety tune into the Today I Am Sober podcast over at this swanky website, or listen on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

I don’t know about you, but I have a rather “odd” relationship with social media, call me old fashioned, but I actually enjoy talking with people – in real life face to face, over Zoom/FaceTime/WhatsApp/Messenger I love to see the whites of your eyes, and see you laugh.

So let’s be honest if we connect over social media you will see the “highlights reel” of my life: 

“Happy Liz” is usually found on Instagram. I recently read a comment by Kate Hudson (the actress) on her own IG feed that said: “I do not allow negative and uninformed comments on my page so I delete them. I also block disruptive people who create unnecessary negativity”. I kinda like that vibe…it’s like me saying to you: “Be kind or bug*er off!” so that’s what I do on IG, I block peeps – particularly any men who DM me!

Ever noticed that the Twitterati are keyboard warriors? Not me. You can follow me on Twitter for “random” Liz – things that spark my curiosity I’ll share and tweet about. Usually creativity, education, cancer and friends (or friends I’ve yet to meet) who are doing good things in the world.

Follow me on LinkedIn for “corporate” Liz – where I choose to only talk to people who I truly like and people I’ve actually met in real life! There’s a thread here…do you get that I’m rather social, even though I’m an introvert.

If you want to see the stuff that I know my mum will see AND comment on (Anne Lawson has been my number one fan & cheerleader all my life, so if you see her comment please like it as it really matters to her!) head on over to Fakebook (that typo IS intentional!).

Finally, if you want to “pick my brains” and tap into my 25+yrs sales & marketing experience – you’ll have to pay for that. You see I’ve led highly talented teams through significant change, achieved phenomenal sales results through award-winning marketing campaigns and helped numerous entrepreneurs realise their dreams by building scalable courses and programs that deliver them recurring revenue so they earn £££ on the days they don’t want to or simply can’t work. 

I could send you my list of “38 reasons I’m awesome” but honestly do you care about that “glory list” or what I can do to help you in your business, right now. 

To schedule 45 minutes with me it’s £97 via this PayPal link:   https://www.paypal.me/LizWilkins/97 Once you’ve paid, ping me an email me ninja [at] lizwilkins [dot]com and we’ll organise a time to chat. 

But most importantly…

Please check your boobs or pecs. Yes that includes you chaps too!


The fabulous Coppafeel charity can show you how at https://coppafeel.org/your-boobs/boob-check-101/